A ‘fare share’ – join us in giving back this year!

By 1st December 2021 News

Christmas is a time of giving and in the spirit of the season, this year Central Taxis will be supporting some local community projects which need it most. Rather than run a series of giveaway competitions we are putting up £1200 to share between three very worthy causes. We just need your help (votes) to decide how we give each a ‘fare share’.

The three groups/charities we will split the £1200 fund with are:

  • Street Assist Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Young Carers
  • Edinburgh Shoebox Appeal

We want to help make a difference in time for Christmas and make sure each get a ‘fare share’.  Get involved and show your support by voting for the group/charity of your choice, please visit our Facebook page to cast your vote – just like at the supermarket (instead of plastic tokens), you can vote by reacting (like or love) the photo of the cause that you would like to see get a share.

All three will get a share of the fund, which will be split based on the total number of votes (reactions) to their individual photo. Every vote (reaction) counts for a cause and the total number of votes will determine how much each receive. On Thursday 9th December, we will share the final totals on our Facebook page and get their ‘share’ to each cause ASAP to help these who need it most this Christmas.



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